How do I play online satellites?

Sometimes you sit down to play, start a session, observing all the rules of bankroll management, and you see it – a tournament with a fabulous guarantee and the most pleasant line-up. Mentally, having already spent all the prize money for the first place, you pull yourself away from fantasies: “I can’t afford this tournament”.

How do I play online satellites?

What to do? Selling shares? Then it will be necessary to share the prize money with other equity holders and the tournament on Mostbet does not look so attractive anymore. There is a way out – satellites.

How to choose a satellite?

The satellite selector is essential. First, make sure you beat the tournament you’re qualifying for. If you are sure that the field is suitable for you, then you must also cope with the composition of the satellite. After all, as a rule, the composition in a satellite is better than in a tournament for which you are selected through this satellite.

Second, stick to bankroll management. That is, the buy-in value of this satellite must match your ABI. The satellite may well run at the top of your download, if, of course, the tournament you are qualifying for is worth it.

Thirdly, choose the satellites that are guaranteed the most tickets. The chances of passing such a satellite are higher, and the compositions there are softer.

How to choose a satellite?

Well, do not forget about overlays, in satellites this is also quite common.

Direct satellite

It is better to get into the satellite by the very beginning of registration. It should be played a little tighter than a regular tournament. It makes no sense for us to fill a huge stack and take risks thoughtlessly. For the rest, we use the standard adjustment for opponents and act on the basis of their play.

On a prebable with an average stack, sit out and play as tight as possible. With a short stack, looking for opportunities to double. The push / fold range is about the same as in a regular tournament.

At the bubble stage with a huge stack, we don’t do anything. It makes no sense to push the table, because we are already guaranteed to get a ticket. And by exhibiting, we put our stack at risk.

With an average stack, we try to assess the situation. If 95% that we pass this sat with our stack, we even fold pocket kings.

Direct satellite

If the stack is short, we try to double up. It is better to exhibit in a smaller number of people, that is, in late positions. And it’s best to steal the blinds from an understanding mid-stacked regular. Because they will throw out most of their hands. This style can be played with almost any two cards.

Satellite to satellite

We play in the same way as a simple satellite. Only you will need to go through all these stages twice or more, depending on the number of these satellites.

Phase satellite

We play like a regular tournament. Since you go to the next stage of this satellite with the stack that you filled in the previous stage, there is no point in hiding. There is no need to move to the next phase with all your might with 1 blind. Better to stick to your standard opponent adjustments and play your A-game.

Now, during the world quarantine, rooms are increasing guarantees for online tournaments, traffic has increased and the squads have become much more pleasant. It’s time to look for the best tournaments. Play expensive tournaments without breaking your bankroll and take care of yourself!