Bankroll management cash player

Bankroll management (BRM) is one of the most important parts of poker, but what is it? In fact, this is a certain amount of money allocated for the game. Many people confuse this concept with the money that is in the room, but this is far from the case. It is not necessary to keep in Betwinner all funds in the poker room, as long as there are certain untouchable funds reserved for the game. In this article we will talk about how many limit buy-ins you need to have in reserve and how this will affect growth by limits.


As a cash game player, I can most fully devote you to this question. Our BRM is very much tied to what limit you are playing at the moment, and what goal you set for yourself: to climb the limits as quickly as possible, or to sit on your bottom straight, and make constant cashouts.

If your task, for example, is to play nl20-30 and you feel that you are confidently beating nl5-10, then there is no point in having a large BR, you need to rise to the required level as quickly as possible and make cashouts calmly there. With such rises, when you are confidently hitting the field, I think 20-25 buy-ins will be enough.

If the promotion is not going as well as expected, then you can use a slightly more conservative approach when raising, and have, for example, 40 buy-ins to play poker.

It is important to remember that when you stop climbing the limits, you need to build yourself some reserve in order to feel confident. And the minimum amount of money allocated for poker, I think, should be at least 50 buy-ins per limit. Anything that you type above – you can cashout.

A few words about the growth and descent of the BRM limits

When you play with aggressive bankroll management, you need to connect the tables gradually, and not collect all your belongings and move to a higher limit, playing only there. So you will more painlessly get used to and gain a foothold. As soon as you collect 25 bains of the limit above, go there, also gradually.

Using a quick rise in limits imposes a rigid framework on discipline and a more careful attitude to your money, because We have no margin for error. If you have risen to a higher limit and you have 5-10 buy-ins, then you NEED to go back down or completely turn off the tables of the upper limit, otherwise you can fill up so that you will already start with nl2;) money, try to shoot again.